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Crypt of the Electric Phantom

Dead ideas exhumed.

I Should Get Out More
17 March 1969
80s music, ancient history, animation, architecture, arthurian legends, board games, books, brewing, calvin and hobbes, camping, cartoons, champions, chaos, civil liberties, classic rock, comic books, comics, computers, cons, conventions, conversation, cult movies, day dreaming, discoveries, discworld, doctor who, dorothy parker, dry wit, dvds, eccentricity, esoteric, esoterica, fandom, fantasy, female geeks, fiction, firefly, folklore, forbidden knowledge, free software, futurama, gaming, geeks, german, girl genius, girls, green knights, harry potter, hellenback, hero, hero system, history, horror, horror movies, internet, introspection, irony, italo calvino, late nights, laughing, legion of heroes, lego, literature, madness, magic, maps, mars, marssociety, mathematics, mead, mechanical pencils, medieval history, middle ages, monty python, movies, music, mysticism, myth, mythology, myths, naps, nature, neal stephenson, new jersey, occult, peoplewatching, photography, procrastinating, public domain, reading, renaissance faires, roger zelazny, role playing, role playing games, role-playing, role-playing games, roleplaying, roleplaying games, rp, rpg, rpga, rpgs, sacred geometry, sarcasm, satire, sci-fi, science, science fiction, sf, sf cons, sinfest, sleep, sleeping, smart women, something positive, somethingpositive, star wars, stars, storytelling, superhero, talking, talking to self, terry pratchett, the beach, the daily show, the princess bride, theater, theatre, theology, thinking, travel, urban legends, used bookstores, web comics, weirdness, wildlife, wit, women, wordplay, words, world building, worldcon, writing